Friday Things

It’s Friday morning at 8:00am. 9.5 hours from now I should be on the weekend. It can’t get here fast enough. This week has just been… ugh.

First thought, does this work:

Star Wars Celebration is starting today in the UK somewhere and this youtube link should be their live feed. I don’t know if that sort of thing works through an embed, but let’s give it a try, shall we? I have no idea what the agenda is but they are hopefully going to announce plans for future movies and Disney+ TV shows and I want the news, babie. We were supposed to be getting a Damon Lindelof movie (he made The Leftovers and therefore can do no wrong in my book) but he recently announced he left the project after finishing the first draft of the script. Now we just wait and see.

Sunday is Easter. I have two plans. Well… I had one plan but that’s off the books now. My one plan was to just treat it like a normal Sunday and not do anything Eastery. Then I booked an MRI for 4:00pm. So I guess that’s something more than nothing, right? Then we made plans to have lunch with Dad and that is a great idea. I am glad we are doing that. It’s the first holiday without my mother. Next week is Dad’s birthday and it’s the first one without my mother. After that… mother’s day. That’s going to be tough.

Saturday is basically a clean slate. I am hoping the weather cooperates and I’ll get to do some ocean pictures (on both digital and film!) but it depends on the sun and the temperature and on timing. Other than that? Nothing. Maybe some music? Maybe I can talk my beloved bride into going for a drive for no reason with no actual destination. That would be nice. I enjoy spending quality together time with her more than anything in the universe. Let’s see.

As for after work today? Nothing specific. We had our first bad experience with Hello Fresh last night. I think it’s in part because I cooked it myself and I am just not as skilled as Jen. It tasted okay, but the beef was too tough and I had a hard time with it. Jen did too. Tonight is pork. Let’s see how that goes.

That’s about it for now. Cat pictures will come later. Maybe I’ll get a minute around lunch time to go put out the two remaining bird houses, and fill up the bird feeders. Until then… enjoy the start of Star Wars Celebration.

They kicked off Celebration with a trailer for Ahsoka and it has two red light sabers and Grand Admiral Thrawn! Also, half the cast of Rebels! I CAN’T FREAKIN’ WAIT! LET’S GO!!!!! (I’ll post it later)

Oh yeah, and they followed the Ahsoka trailer with an Indiana Jones trailer. That’s all, nothing special. June 30th. I’ll be there.