Tough Pill to Swallow

I just had an interesting discussion with the cats about unusual behavior.

I took my calcium pills between 12:35 and 12:50. I took a pause between the two pills because sometimes calcium pills screw up my stomach. The first pill went fine. The second… well… the second blew things up in a huge way. I spent a solid 10 minutes leaning over the toilet hacking and spitting and foaming up like an insane person. The whole time I’m gagging up a single, tiny, little pill, Lily is sitting in the doorway watching me.

I told her that my behavior was not normal for a human. It is just something that happens to me. Mom and the kids are never going to exhibit symptoms like this. That’s when Lily jumped into the tub. I told her that behavior was also unusual for a cat, and that we’re both behaving strangely. Right on queue, Robin walked into the room and wouldn’t you know it, she jumped into the tub too.

See kitties? We’re learning so much about abnormal psychology right now. We could practically teach a college level course on it. Fascinating!

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