Cat Nap


The picture has nothing to do with the rest of the post. It’s just really cute when Lily sleeps. It’s also unusual to see her do anything other than chase Robin around and try to bite her head off.

I’m still feeling a little under the weather. The headache is lingering but it’s not too bad. I just feel sort of worn out after last night. These experiences take a lot out of me.

Jen is working on some hardware upgrades to her computer. Harry is asleep. I’m in the living room watching YouTube videos about camera gear. I can’t afford a good medium format film camera, but what about an ancient folding camera? That could be fun, right?

I’ve been thinking about camera gear over the last few days. Specifically, I have been thinking about Bellana’s graduation. We are not going to be able to sit close this time, unlike her high school graduation where they let the valedictorian’s family get right up to the front. Did I mention she was her high school class’ valedictorian? Anyway, I don’t have a zoom lens for my mirrorless camera. I should get one. I have a couple of zoom lenses for the film cameras. My Nikon has a 35-70 which would help a little, but it’s in pretty crappy shape. Dad has an 80-200 which would be really great, but it’s a pretty cheap, crappy lens so I’m a little afraid to put any faith in it. I am going to use it with the Pentax to Nikon adapter on the next roll of film I shoot on my Nikon to see how it goes. If it works okay and gives half decent results, then it will come to graduation for some film moments. Mostly I plan to go digital for the important things at graduation, so the question of a lens for the mirrorless camera still needs to be answered.

In the meantime though, I have a small project for myself. Photographically speaking, I need new places to shoot this year. I need to prep with Google. One project is lighthouses. I need to find them so I can visit them. Beyond that? Google: “hiking trails near Methuen, MA”. Think it will give me anything worthwhile? Here’s hoping.

For now though, I might go over to the eBay and search for Nikon lenses. I’ll let you know if I find anything.