Marvel Catch Up

I am thinking about making this weekend my Marvel Movie Catch Up Weekend. I’m already halfway there. Only the two most recent movies hadn’t been seen, and now only the most recent.

Harry and I watched Wakanda Forever today. He’d already seen it. I liked it. It wasn’t as good as the first Black Panther. I found the bad guys kinda too goofy. Also, minor spoiler risk, there was a funeral scene that I found very difficult. Too close to home, I think.

Ant Man 3 is the only movie left now. I’m trying to talk everyone into going to the theater to see it tomorrow. I know the reviews are bad, but I hear that the fan reactions are quite a bit more positive. I think it’s worth a look. I should check to see if it’s playing at our local theater tomorrow. Hold on a second or two…

It’s playing, but no matinees. I checked Methuen, Lowell, and Salem, NH. Same at all three. Maybe I’ll wait for Disney+.

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