Week 44 Weigh In

The good news is that I am down 0.4 pounds since last Wednesday’s weigh in. The bad news is that I am up one pound since Saturday’s monthly weigh in. 44 weeks worth of scale stepping and this is only the second time I’ve been up. I’m not happy about it, but I am okay. I knew I’d been eating quite a bit more than I had at any time since this all began, so I knew that gains were coming. That doesn’t mean I like seeing it when they get here. It’s okay though. The overall trend is very much down and we’re still progressing according to plan.

I’m more concerned with how much trouble I had eating last night. Usually when I get that weird stomach block thing there is pain but it clears after half an hour to 45 minutes. An hour on the outside. Last night it just didn’t clear. Also, there was no pain to speak of. I just couldn’t eat anymore. After an hour and a half or so I thought I was through it but one bite showed otherwise. I’m fine now, but it’s been nine hours since that bite of sugar free pudding. I haven’t eaten breakfast yet but I have had half of my liquid goal without issue.

Okay, I have watched this morning’s new episode of The Mandalorian, and the new episode of The Bad Batch is about to end. I need to get my day rolling. It’s an in the office day today so I have a lot to do and a short time to do it. Wish me luck.