I’m Freezing

It is 44 degrees outside, which almost feels like Spring. It’s 66 degrees at my desk in the cellar. It feels like 22 degrees. I’m freezing. No one warned me that losing 200 pounds would result in me being ice cold 24/7. Brr.

I have nothing really to write about. It’s almost 2:00pm and I am super late for starting lunch. I had to turn off the space heater while I was on a conference call and it feels like the temperature dropped 180 degrees. I’m cold!

I am doing a lunch time experiment. I am air frying some frozen french fries. The plan being to use french fries as a salt-delivery -system. Salt is supposed to help with whatever causes my occasional bouts of light headedness. Over the last few weeks I have honestly felt myself craving french fries. That might be the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me, dietarily speaking. I’m craving salted peanuts too. It’s so weird. Peanuts and fries for lunch, babie.

Change of subject. Did I mention last night’s episode of The Last of Us yet? Season one, episode eight of nine. I’m still pretty screwed up over it. It was good, but it was dark. Like, super dark. Like, disturbingly dark. I almost watched it again this morning during my jogging (yogging) but I couldn’t bring myself to and switched to a Deep Space Nine episode. The one where we meet The Grand Nagus for the first time and thus usher in the annual Ferengi comic relief episode.

Back to the french fries thing, I suck at estimating small amounts of weight. We are supposed to track our food intake by weight, but we are supposed to weigh everything after it’s cooked. I shook what I thought was just a couple of ounces of frozen fries into the air fryer basket only to find that when they came out of the air fryer there were 5.5 ounces. That’s WAY too much for me today. I’ll eat as much as I can handle and see what happens.

Okay, I have to get back to the grindstone now. I really don’t have anything to write about anyway. Consider the bottom of this particular barrel scraped. We did dodge a bullet at work today. I won’t give details, but it made me happy. Okay, that’s good enough for now. Go eat yer lunch, Robert.