Running Out of Gas

I haven’t written about all of the “fun” I had last night, but let’s summarize by saying yesterday ranks as one of the shittier days I’ve had of late. I was feeling sick, then the cat was looking sick, then after four hours at the vet hospital the cat dashed out of it’s carrier and hasn’t made a public appearance since, then I started feeling REALLY sick and the clock struck 3:30 with no relief in site.

I mentioned yesterday that I needed to work because I had a mountain of paperwork to do. I didn’t get to any of it until 8:00am this morning and I’ve maybe done 33.3% of it. It’s all due tomorrow morning. I would say that I am going to need the whole night tonight to get through it, but I still have 2.25 hours left in the work day and I am seriously running out of gas. I told my boss that if I did not have this mountain of stuff to do I absolutely would have called in sick. He told me to call in sick anyway. I didn’t because I don’t want to dump all of this stuff on him.

Oh yeah, and the cat has pink eye and needs medicine but she’s hiding and we can’t find her. I think she drank some water. I think she might have eaten a little. I think she might have used the litter box, just a little. Those are good things, but really I am ready for her to stop being scared shitless of everything in the house. She had had two episodes of cuddly, lovey, sweetness, one of which was at the vet while I was in a waiting room alone with her and the other was at 2:30am on Sunday morning when Jen got up for some reason and the cat was super affectionate to her. Other than that, she’s been in hiding ever since we took her home and it’s frustrating as hell and pissing me off. At least come out and eat some food, cat.

Okay. I need to push through more of the paper work. Let’s get through it tonight, shall we?