Florida Recap Post – The First

I know I posted a few pictures of the trip here and there while we were still in Florida, but I did it sort of haphazardly and I really don’t recall what was or was not posted… so here’s the first post-trip recap post and there is a good chance that I’ve already shared a lot of this.

The first post will be our first evening in Epcot’s World Showcase. We rode the new Remy ride in France and as a result we spent a ton of time in that country, and all of the digital pics were taken there. I think most if not all of the film pics were in France too.

Here’s a bunch in random order……

Depth of field, babie! Bokeh for days! I love my f2 40mm prime lens!
This whole section of France did not exist the last time we visited Epcot.
0.3 second exposure, hand held. Yes.
I eventually switched to Auto mode at night. That would have helped this.
Fountains are always prime targets.
Epcot’s back door is literally one of my favorite things about the whole park.
We were hoping January would lead to smaller crowds. Yeah… right.
Clocks are also prime targets.

I think the next post will be from Animal Kingdom, but who knows.