Chomping at the Bit

I’m having trouble focusing on anything. Tomorrow is such a big deal that it’s messing with my head. I asked Jen if she wanted to go for a drive after lunch. She said yes. She also said she might want to go to bed around 8pm tonight. Not because she’s tired, but because that means tomorrow will get here sooner.

I’m watching YouTube videos that tour the resort hotel we’ll be staying at. We have reservations at Topolino’s Terrace one night. Did you know that Topolino is what they call Mickey Mouse in France? Wait… was it France or Italy. I don’t know. Probably Italy. Whatever, we’re going to eat there.

I still have a lot of stuff to pack up tomorrow. Stuff like the very laptop I’m typing this post on. I will need it today, so I’ll pack it tomorrow. I have put a roll of film in the camera though. All that’s left photo-nerd-wise is to put the new mirrorless camera into the camera bag. Everything else is done. I also created a folder in Apple Photos to keep all of my Disney 2023 pics. I don’t know if I can turn it into a shared folder or not though. I’ll have to see once I have stuff to put into it.

Okay, we’re going to go for a drive up route 93. We’re not going to stop anywhere. We’re just going to get out of the house.

Until next time, my New Years Day friends.

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