Morning Stuff Complete

I did everything I wanted to do before work today and then some. I got up at 5:10, ran in place for 45 minutes. Surprisingly my Apple Watch’s workout app didn’t screw me over on any of the numbers. It gave me 5.5 miles and 1000 calories when yesterday the exact same time and pace gave me 3.5 miles and 800 calories. Why was today different? Who knows. Who really cares.

I ate breakfast, showered, dressed, and ran out to the supermarket. I bought everything we need to make a mini-Thanksgiving this weekend. We might need a bigger turkey breast, but I can leap off that bridge later today. I was out of the house early enough to bring Dad’s camera and make a quick shootin’ stop. I think the place I went to might be bad luck.

Walnut Grove Cemetery in Methuen is awesome. It was the first place I thought of when I thought about using black and white film. The last time I took Dad’s camera there the film jammed and then broke when I was trying to rewind it. Today I expected to have 9-10 shots left in the roll. It jammed after five. What the hell? When I got home I rewound it without issue so hopefully all will be well. Just… what the hell?

I’m trying to keep track of what goes onto each roll of film. This roll is roll number 8 and it is the cheapest film I could find on Amazon, Kentmere 100. I wonder if the cheapness is part of the reason it jammed. I also wonder if the cheapness is part of the reason it was an absolute bitch to load. It was by far the hardest roll to load yet and I bet I burned a shot or two during the fiasco. I loaded roll number nine into Dad’s camera this morning too and that was a bitch to load as well. Either I suck or the film does… it’s probably me.

Roll #8 was through Dad’s prime lens only. Roll #9 will use Dad’s zoom lens. Roll #10 will be my camera with Dad’s prime lens, and Roll #11 will be my camera with Dad’s zoom lens. My camera using an adapter as well, of course. That will be it for the black and white film I have. There may be a Christmas roll in there too, which will likely be color and much better film using Dad’s camera and whichever lens I have available at the time. HoHoHo and all that.

Okay, it’s 8:56. Time to punch into work.

Walnut Grove Cemetery
Dad’s camera, loaded up with roll number nine.

Lunch Break

It’s been a busy day today. Lots going on at work. I’m trying to squeeze in a lunch break, but it started half an hour later and it’s been interrupted once already.

Last night I was dreading coming to work today. I think everything that went on over the weekend, with my aunt’s funeral and my parents health situations, was starting to really weigh on me and I didn’t feel up to anything. Now that I am neck deep in work I am sort of glad I didn’t call out because I would be swamped tomorrow. Still. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. Not completely overwhelmed, but a little overwhelmed. I’ll manage.

I’m having a little trouble with lunch today. My stomach is a little unhappy. I had a little trouble with breakfast too. It’s the first time in three days or so that I haven’t eaten just protein bars for breakfast and lunch, so maybe that’s part of it. I’ll manage.

In good news, I asked the kids when they were starting their Thanksgiving break and it turns out they have all of next week off. I figured they would still have school right up to the day before the holiday, but nope. Harry said he’s coming here on Friday. How awesome is that? We don’t have Bellana’s schedule yet, but they go to the same school so she’s off school next week too. The question is, will she be off work too. However the cookie ends up crumbling, it’s going to be awesome to see the kids. I can’t wait.

Sunday, five days from now, will see the final episode of The Walking Dead on the air. I watched the second to last episode while doing my exercise yesterday. I was hoping my favorite zombie podcast would release it’s recap episode today, because it always releases on Tuesday, but nothing yet. The only Walking Dead podcast I have in my feed is two guys who constantly bitch about how they don’t like the show anymore. Why do I bother following them?

Did I mention that I’ve shot a little film over the last week or two? I took dad’s camera with a roll of cheap black and white film around town last weekend, and then this weekend I figured I was going to get to the church early for the funeral so I brought it with me and took a couple of exterior church shots for happy thoughts. I think I have 9-10 shots left on the roll. Where should I shoot next? When should I shoot next? It was 25 degrees out this morning so methinks the days of going out before work are probably over for a while.

Okay. lunch is wrapping up. Time to get back to work.

Good day.

Busy Morning

Lots of meetings this morning. Busy busy. Lots of projects. Busy busy.

I have a day off on Thursday. A use it or lose it vacation time kinda thing. I just need to get there. It’s gonna be tough. I have a lot of things on my to do list for that day. A haircut*, early voting**, guitar playing***, maybe some photo walk stuff around town****. Stuff like that. There is also Bond movies. They are leaving Amazon Prime Video in 10 days and I am still only half way through Diamonds are Forever. I am half a movie away from Roger Moore.

Okay, breakfast is almost done, I’ve plowed through last night’s email. Let’s get crackin’ for really reals now. Have a good Tuesday, everyone.

*A side effect of weight loss surgery is hair loss. They told me it starts between three and six months (I’m nearly at six months) and it lasts for 3-4 months (it started about two months ago). Fortunately it will grow back… in theory. I am 51 years old. Maybe it’s just my time. I mean my hair hasn’t gone grey yet, which is miraculous in itself. Maybe my run of good hair luck is coming to an end. For now though, I have been too afraid of losing it to get it cut and it’s long enough to actually look long in the back and it hangs in my eyes. It’s time. It’s time to get it cut.

One other note, when I was a little little pre-school kid my hair was super curly. Somehow as it started to fall out it has also started to get a little curly again. How weird is that?

**I am pretty sure Methuen’s early voting is open on Thursday, I just don’t know where or what time. I think it’s at city hall this time, but I need to figure that out.

***Jen is scheduled to go into the office that day so I should be able to make noise without bothering her.

****I said no film until November but… maybe?

The Dryer is Running

The dryer is running. I disconnected the exhaust hose from both ends, expecting to replace it. I realized quickly that the hose we bought yesterday isn’t going to be long enough. I found out shortly after that the hose we bought yesterday doesn’t fit through the hole in the wall. M’kay.

So I used the cleaning snake kit thing we bought yesterday to clean the SHIT out of the hose. There was so much lint. So. Much. Lint. It’s as clean as I can get it now though so that’s good. I collapsed the hose as much as I could and ran it directly from the dryer to the vent, rather than having it snake up the wall, across the ceiling and out. I was just trying to eliminate as many angles as I could.

I hooked the old hose up to the new hose we bought yesterday and then hooked the new hose up to the dryer itself. Then I hooked the other end of the old hose to the vent in the wall. Finally, I taped the shit out of every connection. I turned the dryer on for a 50 minute timed run. The last couple of times I tried that it stopped with an error message after a few minutes. It’s been running for over 20 minutes now without issue. I threw a load of laundry into the washing machine so I could run a second load through the dryer to make sure we’re good, assuming the first continues and doesn’t halt itself.

Fingers crossed.

The duct tape is just for luck.

Also, on a totally unrelated note…


I think I am ready for Disney in January. Film, babie! Film is not dead! At least not in my little idiotic, ass backwards world.

Lunch Break

How about some random thoughts about nothing important to close out my lunch break?

Tomorrow is October’s work-in-the-office day. It might be my last day at my current desk. So many memories… no, wait. Almost no memories. I’ve only sat at that desk about 10 times since moving there in 2020 (I think). I need to plan out how I am going to get my 80 (not 60) grams of protein for the day. I’ll bring some chopped up chicken and maybe a protein snack or two. Maybe a protein shake in the morning before I go and a protein bar in the car on the way? I’ll figure it out tonight.

I haven’t played my guitar in ages. I am sad. I was thinking about taking my Les Paul out of the case just for today’s photo a day thing. I am hoping if I do that it will goad me into playing some. I need to play. This is stupid. I need to play. I think I am afraid that if I do try to play I will try to record something and find that I am still having the lagging problems I had with GarageBand last month. I may wipe my MacBook and then restore it and see if I still have the problem. I am frankly terrified. We’ll see.

Film is coming. I had a little stash of cash in my wallet that I was saving up to use for film purchases. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any place near home that sells anything other than cheaper color drugstore film. I wanted to get some cheaper black and white film to play with, and I wanted to get some slightly better film to use at Disney World in January. I couldn’t find anything like that anywhere. To remedy this, I rolled my cash stash into an Amazon gift card. I spent it all yesterday. I bought some cheap film, some decent film, and a couple of rolls of pretty good film. Amazon has shipped most of it already. The first package might be here tomorrow. We’ll see. I also bought an adapter that hopefully will let me use the Pentax lenses on my Nikons, including (maybe) my digital SLR. I’ll have to figure out how to let the DSLR use a manual aperture setting for it to work, but if I can figure it out it could be freakin’ cool.

Okay. Lunch break is over. I still need that photo a day thing. Maybe I’ll sneak into the yard and snap some colored leaves. Maybe I’ll document Bertha the House Plant’s newly forming leaf. Maybe I’ll take my Les Paul out of it’s case. I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

Calling Me… Calling Me…

A follow up to last night’s post about wanted to shoot some film now, thus breaking my pledge to wait until late November…


It’s calling me… calling me… calling me…

Technically those nine rolls of film should be in a refrigerator, but I am not that far down the rabbit hole yet. My desk will do for now.

For now.

Stay the Course Don’t Give In

No, this post isn’t about my stupid personal Facebook ban, though you might think so based on the title.

I watched a bunch of film photography vlogs on YouTube tonight. Now I know I said I was putting film photography silliness on hold until around Thanksgiving* but I super want to get a bunch of rolls of cheap black and white film and load it into dad’s Pentax and throw his zoom lens on (because I’ve yet to really use it) and go out shooting film!

No, Robert! Fight the urge! Fight the urge!

*For the first time since I was hired in 2004, I do not have the day after Thanksgiving off this year. I’ll put in for PTO if no one from my staff puts in first. The four day Thanksgiving weekend is literally my favorite holiday of the year. I wonder if Thanksgiving will be weird this year, due to having a mangled stomach and rewired intestines. We will see.

The Film is In

The two rolls of film that were out for delivery are in! They said 5-10 business days and then sent them back to me on a Saturday! I love this lab! Old School Photo Lab gets it done again!

It’s all up on Flickr now. I’ll post something later today. For now I want to visit Mom and then see if I can get myself some clothes that fit me. After that, more pic posts!

Primary Day

I cast ballot #5 in precinct #5 in Methuen, MA today.

We had planned to apply for a vote by mail ballot, but we forgot to send in the application. Next time, for sure. So today I went to the poll just after it opened. They moved my precinct to a new location. I was a little nervous about the very small parking lot, but I was early enough that it wasn’t an issue. The city has a new check in/check out system so hopefully that all goes well and there aren’t any hiccups.

My civic duty is done once again. While I was out I also dropped my two rolls of film into the mail to get developed. I’m using the same New Hampshire based lab as last time. Here’s hoping the turn around time is as lightning fast as last time. Also, here’s hoping my Ebay Nikon’s A (basically aperture priority) mode works and I didn’t ruin a roll by test driving it.

I’m back at work after the holiday. My exercise ring is closed. All is right with the world… except for the whole empty nest thing and my parents’ health situation and all of that stuff. Other than that, all is right with the world.

Happy Tuesday.

Shooting in the Morn?

Jen booked an appointment for early tomorrow morning so I’m going to be up with her. I guess that will give me a chance to go out and shoot me some pics.

I’m thinking of bringing the Nikon family over to the rail trail. I took dad’s Pentax there once but the film roll broke or jammed or some shit and the pics I took were ruined and chucked. I’ll try again while also maybe trying some digital black and white. That’ll be a fun way to kick off a photo-a-day thing, right?

It all depends on the whether. I think I have 15 or so shots left on the current roll of film. When it’s done I’ll have two rolls to develop. Then I want to buy a couple of rolls of the cheapest black and white film I can find. I want to use dad’s camera for the great black and white experiment. I think dad’s camera is just plain better than mine.

I’m still planning on turning our January Disney trip into the greatest film photography experience in human history, but I think I need to stock up on a few more rolls first. I’d like to try and get a couple of rolls of high ISO film to use at night, but that’s going to be on the expensive side so I need to save up a little first.

And that’s the film situation at this moment in time.

And now it’s bed time. Goodnight, Moon.