Christmas Day Recap

I got up at 5:30 or so and did my exercise. After that I did the Santa stuff. The kids’ presents were “hidden” in the cellar so I brought them all upstairs and arranged them in the living room under the tree. Then Jen filled the stockings and I hung them up in front of the fireplace. I took a bunch of pictures with my DSLR and with Dad’s film SLR. Jen made breakfast, and I helped where I could. I woke the kids up at 9:00am and they had french toast for breakfast while I had scrambled eggs.

That’s when I took the matching pajamas group picture.


…and that’s when the presents kicked in.

I got a wallet and a new leather jacket. The leather jacket was a wonderful gift. In 2007 when Jen and I celebrated our first christmas together she gave me a leather jacket. I wore it until it started falling apart, then I kept wearing it. I stopped a couple of weeks ago when I finally accepted the fact that it’s at least two sizes too big and I donated it to goodwill. Jen bought me another jacket as a replacement and it warmed my heart in ways that I cannot even begin to express. I am so lucky to have someone so thoughtful in my life.

Oh, and I also got a new camera. Woah! A Nikon Z5. A full frame mirrorless camera! I am so excited to use the shit out of this thing. I got an adapter so I can use my lenses from my DSLR with it even though the Nikon mirrorless cameras have a different lens mount. I took a bunch of pictures with the new camera but most of them have kids in them so I won’t share them here. I will share the random christmas tree ornament pictures.

Harry got a Casio keyboard from Santa Claus

I don’t know where I am going to bring the new camera for it’s first photo walk, but I know once I figure that out you, gentle readers, will be the first to know.

HoHoho! I hope your christmas was as magical as mine. I got to spend the day will my favorite people and it was wonderful. The kids are about to go back to their dad’s for the week, though Bellana will be spending some time with us tomorrow.

Up next is New Years, next weekend, and then Disney World. Expect a shit tonne of mirrorless camera photos from that trip.