Post Office Crazy

I went to the post office at lunch. Shipping film off to get developed was not the primary reason for the expedition, but it did happen. I keep track of which rolls of film were shot on which camera/lens/film in a notes document shared between my iPhone and my Macbook Pro. Roll 00 was the one that was in Dad’s camera when I took it. Roll 01 is the roll that broke. Roll 02 was the one I shot at Hampton Beach on the 4th of July, ect, ect. Roll 08 was the first black and white roll (Kentmere 100) and it’s sitting in the film draw in my desk. Roll 09 is in Dad’s camera as we speak. Roll 10 is the one that went out in the mail today. Why out of order? Roll 10 is the one that used Dad’s Pentax lens with my Nikon camera via an adapter I bought on Amazon. That is the gear setup I want to use at Disney World in two weeks. I needed to see some shots taken with that setup to make sure it worked, so that’s the roll that went to Old School Photo Lab today. Rolls 08 and 09 will get developed after the Disney stuff is done. Probably roll 11 too because I’d like to be able to shoot a few color film shots on Christmas morning. I need to finish roll 09 first because I don’t want anything in my Nikon until we’re in Florida. That may involve a trip to the ocean at sunrise tomorrow. We’ll see how the weather looks.

None of that is what this post is about though.

This post is about the traffic. Holy Shit! The Post Office is one mile from my house. Unfortunately you have to drive through Methuen center to get to it. That one mile took almost 15 minutes. Wow. I was in the post office for probably three minutes (done and done) and then I was back on the road. I had to take a left coming out of the parking lot though and the traffic was so bad that I took a right and circled downtown to get home. That took 10 minutes. The straight, no turns route took longer than the roundabout way out of the way route. It’s christmas so… yeah.

Also the Post Office’s front door was gone. Where did it go? Why did it go? Was it something I said?

Here are two stop light pics. Stop Light Theater at it’s best.