Small Changes Coming

Hey look, the gold draw pulls on the Ikea cabinet in the kitchen are now black draw pulls.


There is one more change coming today that is a little more substantial, assuming my non-carpentry ass can pull it off. Here’s a before picture.


The after pic will be… ya know… after.

Changing the subject back to the Great Bond Movie Rewatch of 2022. I had some wrong information about Amazon Prime Video. I thought all of the Bond movies were available but going away on 11/5, which is today. I was wrong. There was one movie that apparently was not available for streaming. It was only available for rental or purchase. Fortunately it was Spectre, which is one of only two Bond movies that we have in our iTunes account. I’m actually watching it as I type this.

There was another incorrect piece of info. Apparently a few Bond movies did not go away when the calendar flipped to 11/5. I still see a few Daniel Craig movies available for streaming, including Die Another Day which is the only other movie I have left to watch. How cool is that? Unless things change today or tomorrow, I will be able to complete the Great Bond Movie Rewatch of 2022 without having to buy or rent any additional flicks. Sweet!

Changing the subject back to using Dad’s camera lenses with my DSLR. The two pictures above were taken with Dad’s 50mm prime lens. I have to get a handle on the whole depth of field thing when using a super fast lens. I thought the draw pulls were in focus though the one on the top is clearly out. There’s also the little thing with the pic being under exposed a bit thanks to me probably reading the light meter on my iPhone wrong.

The other picture was actually taken from the dining room. The focal length on this lens is 50mm, which was probably too narrow for what I wanted, but my Nikon D90 is a DX sensor, which means it’s not full frame, which means a full frame 50mm lens works like a 75mm lens (I think that’s the right number… the conversion is 1.5 times the lens’ focal length, right? 1.5 x 50 = 75) which is WAAAAY to narrow for my kitchen. Oh well. It’s still wicked fun.

Right then. Time to finish breakfast and then get to work in the kitchen. I don’t think today’s task will take long.