Squee, Again

Check it out, kids…


That’s my DSLR with one of Dad’s old manual lenses. It connects, the viewfinder sees through the lens. I can’t set the aperture in the camera like I do with my lenses, but I can set the camera to manual focus and set the aperture on the lens and still set the shutter speed in the camera. I can’t use the light meter, but I have one on my iPhone that seems pretty accurate.

Want to see if it works?


Oh yeah, it works!

I tried taking a second picture and came up with this turd…


I promise that this is out of focus because the shutter speed was slow and my hand shook a little, not because I did something wrong with the manual focus… though that would be a good guess based on how many of my film pics are out of focus.

Now I have to work up the courage to try using Dad’s 50mm prime lens. Woah, nelly!