I’ve Screwed Up This Post Twice Now

I wrote a post about Patches’ adoption anniversary, realized I screwed up the date and deleted it, then wrote a second post and published it, then realized I screwed up the date again and deleted the second post too.

Friggin’ Moron.

I thought today was the 12th anniversary of Patches coming home from the shelter with us. Then I thought yesterday was the 12th anniversary. Then I dug deeper into the blog’s history and found the 12th anniversary was two days ago.

What a friggin’ Moron.

Sorry again, cat. Happy belated (by two days) adoption anniversary.

Here’s the post that first mentions Patches, whose name was still Panache at that point.

Here’s the post from 10/18/10 that spells out the first night, even though it was written the next day.

Here’s the picture of Harry trying to coax Panache/Patches out from under the bed that made me think today was the anniversary but it must have been uploaded to Flickr on the 19th and it’s showing in the Camera Roll for that date instead of the day it was taken which would have been the 17th and I am such a pathetic Moron.