It’s Almost September

Tomorrow is the last day of August. That means two of my daily projects are about to come to an end… sort of.

On September 1, 2019 I started a photo a day thing on Flickr. I successfully completed it on August 31, 2020. On September 1, 2020 I started again and finished successfully on August 31, 2021. Can you guess what happened on September 1, 2021? You guessed it. I started another 365 project. It ends tomorrow. The Flickr album has 364 pictures in it. Tomorrow it will have a full year. Exciting, eh? I wonder what is going to happen on September 1st?

I also started two selfie a day things on September 1, 2021. I found two apps that did it and couldn’t decide which one to go with so I started two. On May 4, 2022 I stopped one of them and restarted it with the post-surgery theme. You’ll see the results of that on May 4, 2023. The other one is still going, though I have missed a number of days along the way. There are 351 photos in it right now. 352 will be tomorrow and that will be it. I’ll make a video out of it and post it and never think of it again.

Or will I?

I’m thinking that on September 1st I’ll delete all of the photos from before May 4, 2022 and turn it into another post-surgery thing. The current post-surgery thing is all photos taken in the door mirror in our bathroom. You can see my entire 6’4″. The one that ends tomorrow is just my face. It might be fun to have a full year of face to go along with the full year of gut. I think I’ll do that.

Also on September 1st (which is Thursday, two days from now if you’re curious) I am planning to start working on some new music. There will be an album in a month to make myself feel better about not playing very much and almost completely blowing off 50/90. I’m planning on using RPM Challenge rules that define an album as 10 songs or 35 minutes, and I am thinking of doing a double album as sort of penance for the 50/90 thing.

And that is the plan for September. How exciting!