Forgetful Doofus

My next doctor’s appointment is Monday afternoon. This morning I realized that I had completely forgotten that I need to have blood work done before the appointment. Idiot. I logged in to my patient portal and found the orders waiting for me to bring them somewhere. Idiot.

I called the clinic to find out where I can go to get the labs done. They said go to the hospital’s main campus. Okay, I can do that. I was thinking to myself that if they open at 8:00am I can probably get in and out quick enough to not be late for work. I gave the hospital a call to find out what time they open, hoping for something earlier than 8:00. They open at 5:30am. Yeah, I think I can squeeze that in before work.

Still… idiot.

One thought on “Forgetful Doofus

  1. Try doing what I do: I put the appointment in my Google calendar, then set a reminder for like 7 days prior, that way when the reminder comes I remember to go get the blood work done. Just a little suggestion….

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