I need to play guitar. That’s my lunchtime truth-bomb for the day. I need to play guitar.

I haven’t played in weeks. I have been focusing on screwing around with cameras so much lately that I have completely neglected music and that needs to stop. I need to find a balance between work, sleep, spending time with my family, goofing off with cameras, and goofing off with music.

I have a few songs queued up for car vocals and I think I want to try and get to them tomorrow, then I can add more guitar parts to the songs. That’s my entry way into getting off of my fat, quasi-musical ass. I also want to swap an overdrive pedal off of the pedal board and I want to put the attenuator back onto my amplifier and after I see how all of that works together, I want to play. I also want to play with the band, but at this point I just want to freakin’ play!

Fifty songs in ninety days is no longer in place, but an album in a month for September? That could happen. Then back into the re-recording project. Also The Lizardfish. There are things to do and things to work toward but I just have to play. I need to play guitar.