Spider Massacre of 2022

The spider hunt from this morning can now be more accurately called the spider massacre. The current kill count is seven. Seven spiders dead. I saw one on the wall in the corner and when I leaned in to squish it, I saw two more tiny spiders hanging out close by. I saw an eighth spider, a great big sucker, near the floor in the corner by my desk, but I couldn’t reach it. I’ll have to go back for it later.

More important than the on-going spider massacre, I ran into the most evil creature on Earth in the bathroom. A House Centipede. Vile, disgusting, evil beyond measure. The House Centipede (capitalized out of respectful horror) is the only creature that is so terrible to look at that I have legally sentenced the entire species to death. I murderlized it with merciless fury. I was lucky it didn’t try to run away when I went after it. Those sons of bitches run fast.

Lunch break is coming to an end, so let me share a photo from early this morning. I filled the bird feeders and took a picture with a blurry background. Oh, yeah. I took one like this on film too. At some point before the decade ends I’ll get that roll developed and we’ll see if it came out okay.

Until then, enjoy the digital version: