Bird Feeders – The Return – 2017 Edition

Bird Feeders

After the tragic end of last year’s bird feeders I told myself I was done. I was not going to replace the damage. I was going to just give up.

Now here we are, almost a year later… and there is a new bird feeder pole, a new anti-squirrel baffle, and two new bird feeders.

What a nerd I am. I guess I just need things to take my mind off of how pissed off I am about our fascist government.

Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders

We are also talking about maybe bringing in a landscape company to fix the ratty mess that is our lawns. We’ll see.

I’m Finally Popular!

The new bird feeder pole went up about an hour ago and it is already a resounding success! (at least until the squirrels an deer come along and screw it up for everyone) I just took a look through the bedroom window and our yard is suddenly the go to place in the neighborhood. All kids of birds! One thing of note, the blue jays are eating from the feeders. In the old days (prior to about 8:30 this morning) they would hang around on the ground beneath the feeders, but the poles they were hanging from were not stable enough for them to land on the feeders themselves. That’s not the case now! I’ve seen three of them partaking in the free grub!

Granted, I have’t been able to drive the spikes all the way into the ground, so the whole thing is probably coming down in short time. Who cares! I’m finally popular! WOOHOO!

Night Deer

I noticed when I filled up the bird feeders that they emptied out really fast. I blamed it on the asshole squirrels. Last night showed me that it might have been someone else.

At about 11 last night I woke up and happened to look out the window. I know the moon is only a few days past new, but it must have been really bright. I could see a shadowy figure by one of the feeders. A four legged fury silhouette. The feeder was empty but our guest was picking crumbs out of the snow. It was a deer. It was pretty cool spying on her as she trespassed on our property and stole from the birds. I think it was the closest I’ve seen one of them come to the house. I got up and turned on the bathroom light and she bolted.

It was pretty cool.

Bird with Horrible Table Manners

Check out this pig of a bird.

At first he was all calm and cool. Sitting there with a seed in his beak.

Then out of nowhere he gets all rude and flings a seed off of the feeder, onto the ground. How uncivilized.

Then he just goes nuts and flings a whole pile of food to the ground. He’s just doing it to piss me off at this point.

Now he’s just sitting there all smug, trying to act like he’s innocent or something. What a jerk!

Yeah, you better run away. Don’t let me catch you acting like a sloppy pig at my bird feeder again!