Weigh In

Happy 10 weeks since surgery day! How are we feeling, good? Are we excited for today’s weigh in? I sure am!

I lost 3.8 pounds in the last week. That’s down quite a bit from the pace I had been on over the last month, but it’s still triumphant. I was kinda hoping I’d get to 4.9 as that would change the 10’s column in my total weight, but I’ll take this and I’ll tell you why…

My weight loss since the surgery date has flipped into the 80’s. Barely. I have lost 80.4 pounds since the last pre-surgery weigh in. Amazing.

Even better, my weight loss since the first check in has increased to triple digits, babie! I am in the hundreds and it feels amazing! 101 pounds, to be exact. I can’t freakin’ believe it! Amazing!

The only thing that even hints of a negative here is that my weight is so close to dropping in the 10’s column that I am probably not going to be able to stop myself from stepping on the scale before next Wednesday. I know that sounds silly and all, but I’m trying to be disciplined here and I can see a small failure in my future… probably Friday or Saturday. We’ll see.

Happy 100 pound day! WOOHOOO!!!