Dad’s camera has a bag of its own now.

The main pocket has the camera, the second lens, and a three pack of Fuji film. The front pocket has a little remote shutter cable that I found super cheap on Amazon and the ND filter I use with my Nikon. It doesn’t screw onto either of Dad’s lenses, but it does fit over them all snug like. I think it will be okay to use so long as there are no earthquakes.

The forecast for the coast at sunrise tomorrow calls for clear skies. If it stays that way, I am going. I am going and I am only bringing Dad’s camera. I’ll probably only use the 50mm lens, and I will only take a couple of cracks at long exposure, and I will only use the 24 shot roll that’s in the camera now. I just want to see how things look.

Last night I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on tips for film beginners. They all said don’t use drugstores like CVS to develop your film. I have been trying to get Google to tell me if I have any actual film labs in my area, but I don’t think I do. There is one in Methuen but their website says they no longer process film. I’m going to have to find an online service and ship to them. Or… I can just use CVS. I have two rolls there already (one will hopefully be coming back to me soon) so maybe I am just stuck with them.

I was also hoping to hit the Salvation Army store in Salem to see if they had any cameras on the cheap, but they are closed Sunday and tomorrow is a holiday. I think I will have to punt until next week. I also clearly remember going to a huge Goodwill (I think) store somewhere around here. It might be in Manchester. We donated the kids’ bikes there when we remodeled the garage. I just can’t remember exactly where it was, and Jen doesn’t remember it at all.

Google, my friend, don’t fail me now!