How Much Did I Weigh Back Then?

I can’t remember how much I weighed on our wedding day. It was a lot, but it was also less than it was when we got engaged. I just can’t remember the number. I didn’t write it down anywhere, so how can I figure it out? It’s like a weight milestone for me and I should be able to remember.

I found a way to make an educated guess.

The day after the wedding, my wedding ring slipped off while I was in the shower. For a while there I was taking it off when I showered because I didn’t want it to fall off again.

Back in January, my wedding ring was stuck. I couldn’t take it off anymore. My finger was just expanding around it. It didn’t hurt or anything, it just wasn’t coming off.

Today, post-surgery, it is loose. Not loose enough to come off on it’s own, but we are steadily getting closer to that point.

So… when I loose enough weight for my ring to slip off in the shower, then I will be approximately the same weight(ish) as my wedding day.