Disney+ had a live broadcast of the fireworks at Epcot tonight. Jen and I watched the whole thing. It was more of a concert video than a fireworks show, but it was fun.

I mentioned before that we are planning on going to Orlando in January. Watching this thing tonight has taken our excitement level for the trip and shot it through the roof.

Jen is a Disney nut. I really am not, but I do enjoy going to the resort. I mean, there is a Star Wars area… they made it just for me. Still, I am feeling it just as much as she is. I suppose it could be partly due to the fact that we’ve been locked down for 2.5 years and haven’t even considered a trip anywhere. The last trip we went on was in February 2020. That was Disneyworld too. We got home just a few days before the real world came to its screeching halt.

The idea of going back is pretty much taking hold of both of us. The excitement is getting silly, and we’re still almost six months away.