Post Surgery Thought

The reason I ended my personal facebook boycott was because one of the doctors at my weight loss clinic suggested I join a particular weight loss surgery support group on facebook. I did, and have since joined another one that is just for people who had weight loss surgery in May of 2022. I expect I will reinstate the facebook boycott at some point in the (probably near) future, but for now I check the two groups out once or twice a day.

One topic that has come up a few times is feeling cold. As in people post to the group asking if it’s normal to, since coming home from the surgery, feel cold all the time.

I’m starting to think it might apply to me. I feel cold in the cellar a lot, but I figured that was because it is legitimately cold in the cellar. The last week or so I have been feeling cold in the upstairs living room too. That might be because the air conditioner kinda blows right at the spot where I normally sit. I don’t know.

Then tonight we went to the grocery store and I was feeling really cold the whole time. I had to check with Jen and Harry to see if they were feeling it too. They said they were. That’s good. Maybe it’s not just me and my new post-op guts. Then again, how do I know if they were feeling cold but not as cold as me?

Will we ever know for sure?