Looking Toward Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Wednesday. I was thinking of doing some car music but there are too many things to do.

Like what, you ask?

Wednesday is weigh in day. I’ve been a good boy and managed to stick to my only-weigh-yourself-once-a-week rule. Tomorrow morning I’ll check to see if the alarming rate of weight loss is continuing, or if things are leveling off.

What else is there? Why is tomorrow such a big deal?

Well one of the post-surgical restrictions I came home from the hospital with was to not lift anything more than 25 pounds for six weeks. Tomorrow is the six week mark. I can officially lift stuff again!

I’m going to swap out the amplifier in my basement music nook. I am going to bring the heavyish box that has been sitting at the end of our driveway inside. Most importantly, I am going to change the litter in Patches’ litter box. Oh glorious glory!