One Month

Happy One Month Since the Weight Loss Surgery Day!

I said I was going to weigh myself today but as of now I am not going to (I actually did and I was up a fraction of a pound so I have decided that didn’t happen).

I have lost 49 pounds since the Friday before the surgery, and 69.6 since the first weigh in back in January. I put on jeans for the first time the other day and my belt was two notches tighter than it was on surgery day. We bought a few pairs of sweatpants on the surgery day and even when I tie them up tight they are starting to fall off of me. My t-shirts, which were just a bit more than waist length on me before surgery, are starting to feel super long. I expect that I will have to buy some new clothes soon.

More important than the numbers and the clothes, I feel different. I seem to have more energy. Prior to the surgery I was doing my daily walking in place (mark time march, babie) and I could get to around 10 minutes before I had to stop and rest. On really good days I could get to 15 minutes. That was sort of my goal. Now, over the last three days I have made it to 32-33 minutes at a time. I am closing my exercise ring in one session and then adding a couple of minutes on to help burn calories for the move ring goal. It’s already getting to the point where the marching in place thing isn’t enough. I am going to start on the exercise bike this week, and in a couple of weeks I think I am going to start lifting weights a little.

I go back to work on Monday. I am going to try to start helping out with my parents next week too. I won’t be able to handle much to start with, but I’ll pitch in more than I have. Now that Jen and I have decided to start venturing out more, I am going to want to try and get the band together too. If we have a two hour practice like we used to, I will probably have to sit for a lot of it, but it will feel fantastic to play with other people again. I have another appointment at the clinic at the end of June, and at that point we’ll be booking the next round of check ins, including more visits with the dietician.

I am eating solid food now. Not a lot, just a little. I am still eating a lot of the same things I had during the pureed stage, I’m just not sticking it in the blender now. Canned tuna fish, canned chicken salad, scrambled eggs, mashed potato. Those sorts of soft things. I’ve had some real food too. Ground beef, chicken breast, fish. The thing now is that I cannot eat very much of it. I was keeping my meals under two ounces during the pureed stage. Now I am getting closer to four ounces, but I think the smaller the portion the better. I have only legitimately felt full a couple of times, but these small amounts of food take a super long time for me to eat and I am just tired of eating and want to stop. I have never, ever felt that way before. This is a new world for me.

This whole process has been a little frustrating and a lot stressful, but as of the one month mark I would absolutely go through it again. I made the right move here.

Let’s see what month two brings.