Tough Start Today

We were told to make sure we take small bites of food when we start learning to eat again. I think I just found out why.

I made scrambled eggs for breakfast. I’ve had scrambled eggs for breakfast more days than not over the last two weeks. I try to wait about a minute in between bites. That’s longer than they suggested to us, by a lot, but it’s worked for me so far so I keep doing it.

I’m not sure if I was going to fast or just eating too much at once or some combination of both, but after a while my insides just told me, in no uncertain terms, to stop. Cut the shit, man. Leave us alone.

I didn’t feel sick, per se. I didn’t feel full. I didn’t feel nauseous. It’s hard to describe. It was almost like there was a backup getting into my tiny new stomach. Like, imagine there was a traffic jam and there was a forkful of scrambled egg just waiting for it to clear so that it could pull into the stomach. It was sort of like that… I guess.

I put down my tiny little plate of eggs and just waited. I think it was about 15 minutes. That weird backed up feeling cleared and I started trying to eat again. This time taking much, much smaller bites. Everything went okay from that point, though I am feeling kinda full right now.

We’ll see how lunch goes. Wish me luck.