Construction Snag

Our schedules are a little wonky at the moment. We were hoping the contractor would be done with the cellar by today, but he’s had a couple of things come up and he might not be done. We have a little bit of furniture delivery coming over the weekend, along with someone to fix the dryer that I so idiotically broke. That part of the cellar is done, so we just have to clear a path through the storage area. The area we want to put the furniture is not done, so we might have to shuffle things around. Worst case scenario has the laundry room area done this weekend and the living room/office space done sometime next week.

I’m trying not to be disappointed. I mean it’s just a mild scheduling snag. We’re just so close to being finished that a delay at this point is tough to take. Not really tough to take, but a little bit tough to take. You know what I mean, right? It’s going to be so cool when it’s done though. I just have to focus on the good and not worry about the not-very-bad.

We’re not sure if the contractor will make it over tonight. If he does get here he’ll likely finish the floor. If he doesn’t then he’ll just have to carry over to next week. He’s working two projects at once and the other project has eaten up an unexpected amount of time over the last two days. He didn’t get here until 6:00 last night and he stayed until 9:30. He can’t do that tonight due to a family thing so if the morning gig runs long he might have to miss us today. It’s all good, really. I promise. It’s all good. Still… we’re so close.

Finger crossed, home improvement style.