It sounds like our heroic contractor guy is going to get held up at his other job again today. Something about a roof or something. First he sent Jen a text saying he’d be there around 4:00pm. Then he sent another saying he’d let her know when he figured it out, or something. I got that second hand. I could be telephone gaming the hell out of this. Jen might have said something completely different and my tiny brain just misread it all. Who knows.

He told us he needs a few hours to finish the floor, and then a few more to finish the baseboard trim and all the little fiddley bits. As of Monday we were thinking he might be finished with everything by Thursday. On Tuesday he was only over the house for an hour. Wednesday he was at the other job until super late (again, roof?). There was still a shot that he’d finish it all by Friday. Now, maybe not.

But we’re so close! We are Sooooo Close!