Future Project

Looking at the photo in the last post reminds me that while we are still in the middle of the second great cellar reclamation project, the second being 1000 times more complex than the first, we are still thinking of things to do in the future. By the future, of course, I mean the distant future because we’re getting pretty burned out on all of this.

The idea Jen had was to turn our ratty looking bulkhead into a new entryway. We’d have to put an awning over it to stop the rainwater from filling up the space. We’d probably need to put a light out back too, and all of that.

The plans for today are very simple compared to all the stuff we did the last two weekends. We have a fireplace insert that I want to put together. We also bought a new two-wheel dolly that needs assembly. After that we have to handle the one major downside of all of the work going on in the cellar… laundry. Our washer and dryer are not hooked up. Also, if you remember, our dryer is all broked. We have to take care of that too, but for now… laundromat.

Beyond that, well… Thor. The Avengers. Maybe Iron Man 3.