Who is the Other Guy?

I saw this picture today. I had never seen it before…

It’s Genesis. That’s Phil Collins standing on the right. Mike “and the Mechanics” Rutherford is seated on the right. The other guy from the 80’s pop band, the guy who never had a hit outside of the band but who probably wrote the best songs, Tony Banks, is standing on the left.

Those three guys were also in the 70’s prog band along with Peter Gabriel, who is standing next to Banks, and one of my all time mega guitar heroes, Steve Hackett, who is sitting next to Rutherford.

The guy standing in the middle isn’t always included when they all get back together but he is often enough that I immediately recognize him. It’s the original lead guitarist, Anthony Phillips. He played on the first two albums.

So who is the other guy? I’d never seen him before. At least I’d never seen him included in any reunion things. I had an idea but I had to Google it to be sure.

I was right. It’s John Silver! Holy crap! He wasn’t the original drummer (that was Chris Stewart, I think) but he played on the first album. Wow! He’s noteworthy because Genesis started out in the English equivalent of high school. When it came time for college his parents were so afraid he would decide to make Genesis a career that they shipped him across the Atlantic to Cornell University. At least that’s how I heard it.

The guy who replaced him played on the second record. That was John Mayhew (I may have spelled that right but who knows). Mayhew was replaced by Phil Collins who played on every album except the last one and I don’t know who played on that one.

The Google tells me this photo was taken at a press event in 1998 to celebrate the release of Archives Volume One. That was 22 years ago and I’m just seeing it now. Crazy.