Mixing Marathon Update

The marathon of mixing RPM Challenge songs continues. I’ve finished four songs. I have enough to submit a successfully completed RPM Challenge album. The rules say 10 songs or 35:00 of original music. I’m currently at 11 songs and 38:43. More than enough.

I’m not even close to finished though. I still have nine songs to go. So far I’ve been working off of a first in/first out queue. I’m finishing the songs in the same order that they were started. That’s all well and good except I’m pretty sure the best songs are the last three in the queue. Given that tomorrow is the last day, I sort of want to do them now and get them out of the way so any possible distractions won’t somehow stop them from getting onto the list.

As I finish each song I am putting it onto one of three lists. The A List is songs that are good enough to go on the final RPM album. The C List is songs that suck so bad I want to forget about them. The B List is the songs that might be good enough for the album but then again might not.

Currently there are four songs in the A bucket, four in the B bucket and three in the C bucket. Really, maybe two of the A Listers should really be B Listers, and one of the B’s should be a C. It’s hard to say. I’m keeping it like this for now. If the A List gets really long I’ll re-evaluate.

You didn’t know there was so much detailed statistical analysis involved, did you.

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