Guitars Tomorrow (I Hope)

I feel like I got a lot done on the RPM Challenge today but I didn’t record any guitar parts and I didn’t write or record any vocal parts. I did do at least some work on seven different songs though. I mixed one, and shared it in the previous post, changed the drummer on three, and came up with three new songs.

The new ones are just bass and drums so hopefully I’ll add guitars tomorrow as well as add some leads to the huge pile of songs that are waiting patiently for them. Then write some lyrics for the six songs that still don’t have lyrics, and prep myself for some epic car music during the week. I’m planning on going into the office on Monday so that’s out, but I am off work on Tuesday and Wednesday so hopefully I’ll get through everything.

I’m at 18 songs right now. I’d like to hit 20. I have nine days left. I’d say the chances of finishing February with a completed submission are 100%. Even if my arms fall off and I can’t play anymore, I can still mix the songs that have vocals but not leads and end up with 12 songs. The real question is, will I finish with two completed submissions. I’d put the chances of that at maybe 50% at best.

I can still pull it off. Just watch me, bro.