The Winter Classic at Fenway Park 2: The Reckoning

It was announced today that the 2023 NHL Winter Classic will be held at Fenway Park… again. Fenway Park was the home of the game in 2010 when the Bruins beat the Flyers 2-1 on a legendary (to Bruins fans at least) overtime goal by Marco Sturm. Massachusetts also hosted the Winter Classic one other time, at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, but we won’t be talking about that shit of a game.

I will watch the game if I can. January 1st… we may be in Disney World, though that probably won’t happen until a couple of days later? I wonder if we’ll be on a plane. Hmmmmm. If we are visiting The Mouse, maybe I will watch the game from the hotel room (he said kiddingly).

The tweet doesn’t say who we’ll be playing, but given that the guy who owns the Red Sox and Fenway Park now owns the Pittsburgh Penguins, how much do you wanna bet we will play the Pittsburgh Penguins?