Why is Cobra Kai a Good Show?

Jen and I just finished the new season of Cobra Kai on Netflix.

My question for the universe: Why is Cobra Kai a good show? I don’t get it. The premise is utterly idiotic. It’s basically based on a gag from the show How I Met Your Mother where one character wrongly thought that the bad guy in many famous movies is really the good guy and Johnny Lawrence in The Karate Kid was a tragic hero instead of a stereotypical 80’s movie villain.

So why is it good? Also, it functions on the suspension of disbelief that an entire region of California is out of their brains obsessed with high school karate tournaments. Like…. No!

Everything about the show should be awful at worst and just dumb at best.

But it’s not. It’s absolutely riveting! It’s so good!

Why???? I don’t understand!!