Moon Knight – The Next Marvel TV Show

I know nothing about this except that this video says it is coming to Disney+ on March 30th.

So the Eternals has half of the cast of Game of Thrones. Now Marvel is grabbing an actor from Star Wars. Nothing wrong with any of that except for the whole identity crisis thing. I mean, while watching Eternals I kept wanting Robb Stark and Jon Snow to team up. They didn’t have an actual opportunity for that back in Westeros. Jon moved out of the house before things went nuts and Robb was left holding the bag, you know?

Now, how long before Mr. Moon Knight (yes, that was a sad attempt at a Beatles pun) calls up Rey and Finn and starts asking for help with the bad guys?

Seriously, I have been really pleased with all of the Marvel TV shows on Disney+. Even though I know nothing about this character, I am looking forward to it.

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