Outbreak on Ice

The NHL shut down the Calgary Flames for Covid the other day. Today the Bruins, after playing Calgary a few days ago, had two players, including Brad Marchand, go into the Covid protocol. Then later the league postponed the Carolina vs Minnesota game for, you guessed it, Covid.

The debate is raging over whether or not the NHL is going to participate in the Olympics. How are they going to keep everyone safe in the viral incubator known as the Olympic village if they can’t keep everyone safe during normal operations?

They are talking about keeping everyone home. You know, I was really hoping for some NHL/Olympic hockey this year. It’s going to suck if they back out.

The depleted Bruins are playing Vegas tonight. Here’s hoping no one else gets sick. Covid is a prick.

ADDENDUM: Vegas is kicking the shit out of the Bruins. We are down 3-0 after one. Crap.

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