Litter Box Blues

To celebrate Ms Patches’ 11th adoptaversary we bought her a swanky present. A shiny new litter box. Her first litter box was a fully enclosed box. A few months ago we wanted to move her from the back door entrance way to the old bathroom but her litter box wouldn’t fit. We bought a new one that wasn’t an enclosed box, just your normal every day standard cat box. Today we realized that after all that time in the closed up box she had… well… apparently… taught herself to piss sideways. In the old box she would pee on the inside walls. In the replacement box she would still try to pee on the inside walls except there were no inside walls. She was standing inside the litter box and somehow missing. Not all the time, but some of the time.

So we bought her a new enclosed box and moved it back to the back door entrance way. We’re sorry kitty. We’re sorry for moving you in the first place and we’re sorry for moving you back. She’s one confused cat today. Again, sorry kitty. She can take solace in the fact that I cleaned up the mess in the old bathroom so she won’t have to do it herself. You’ve got that going for you, Missy.

Okay, that’s enough cat biology talk for today (assuming she actually uses the new litter box and doesn’t start shitting in the shower again like she did that one time).

Now we can concentrate on the important stuff. Stuff like Jen making breakfast for dinner tonight, and a certain Boston based baseball team’s playoff game.

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