Bush League Radio

WEEI… ugh.

I was about to write a post about some bush league coding, but now I know the code is fine. I’m trying to listen to the Red Sox game’s radio feed via the MLB app on iOS. It’s been really crappy for the last couple of innings. Just drop outs and break up and terrible. I assumed it was the app. I was wrong. My sincere apologies to those who work on the app for my cursing you up and down and saying bad things about your mothers as I was getting more and more frustrated. I was wrong. I am sorry.

No, the bush league shit is actually WEEI itself. It was the actual radio feed that was failing. They are currently broadcasting a major league baseball playoff game via a cell phone. I shit you not. Now, I have a teeny tiny mini spec of radio experience and I am willing to accept that this is actually Tropicana Field’s fault. If that is the case then it’s just another in a long line of garbage coming from that stadium. The team is epic. The facility is the shittiest of shit. I will not, however, let WEEI off the hook because they should expect crap like this and have some sort of backup in place for when the shitty stadium goes to shit. Nope. They have a cell phone. Bush. League. Crap.

Anyway, it’s the top of the fourth inning. The Red Sox are down 5-4. The Sox opened the game with two runs in the top of the first and then Sale sucked up a storm and gave up five in the bottom of the first, including a grand fucking slam. Remember when David Price was a post season dog who was guaranteed to choke in the big game? He overcame that eventually and has a ring to show for it. Sale was supposed to be different, and I know he’s coming off a gigantic injury, but he choked in a must win in his last regular season start, and he was god awful tonight. The fuck, dude? Are you a new pre-redemption David Price?

The Sox did manage back to back home runs in the third inning to close the gap, but I didn’t hear it because WEEI was falling apart at the time.

Come on, Red Sox. Let’s get that lead back and let Mr Sale off the hook.