October 1st

At least in September you can pretend it’s still summer. The calendar says so for most of the month even though the air is getting colder and the plants are starting to die and it’s clearly not summer-like out there. If the calendar says it’s summer then you can still pretend it’s actually summer.

Not so in October. The fight is just over and we lost. Fall is here. Autumn. What the hell is so great about Fall that it gets two names? What a pompous ass. Oh well. New England winter is here. Let’s just get it over with. Only about eight months to go before New England spring finally arrives sometime in late May.

Wanna hear something funny? Last night I published a post that mentioned Jen is joining me on my Facebook crusade. Not long after that post went live she told me that she had just posted to Facebook. Hehe. Spartacus, I ain’t. It’s okay. She posted something really positive that even the vilest of nazi puke can’t touch. Also, who am I kidding. I said I’d try it for seven days. Come 2:00pm on Monday I am going to be posting pics of my guitars to 100 different guitar playing groups just like nothing ever happened. Because… well… in the grand scheme of things… nothing has happened. Nothing is happening. I’m just being a snooty nerd. Who you calling a pompous ass, you pompous ass?

Look at my cat.

I worked on another song last night. Another summer song to be redone. Now that it’s October I need to write something too. The Record Every Month Challenge is still a thing. Get to work, you pompous ass.

No, literally. Get to work. It’s 8:54am. Go punch in and be productive.

Happy Friday, everyone. Eight hours and 36 minutes until the weekend. The glorious first October weekend.