Are We Ready?

Raise your hand if you’re ready for the hurricane that’s about to meteorologically bitch slap us.

<pause while people respond>

<pause while I tally the results>

As suspected, zero people are ready for this hurricane that is about to dump an ocean of ass all over us.

I cleaned up the latest incarnation of Pond Asshole in the cellar. Pretty much guaranteed that after that prick Henri takes a gigantic piss on New England it’s going to re-graduate to Lake Asshole.

At least I am home.

To do list for today:

  • Write this post
  • Put new strings on my sweet new Les Paul
  • Record tons of guitar tracks for 50/90
  • Laundry
  • Try to stay on top of Pond/Lake Asshole
  • Try not to let the hurricane ruin everything
  • Play some World of Warcraft with the love of my life
  • Try not to get too excited about Bellana coming home tomorrow.

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