Are We Ready?

Raise your hand if you’re ready for the hurricane that’s about to meteorologically bitch slap us.

<pause while people respond>

<pause while I tally the results>

As suspected, zero people are ready for this hurricane that is about to dump an ocean of ass all over us.

I cleaned up the latest incarnation of Pond Asshole in the cellar. Pretty much guaranteed that after that prick Henri takes a gigantic piss on New England it’s going to re-graduate to Lake Asshole.

At least I am home.

To do list for today:

  • Write this post
  • Put new strings on my sweet new Les Paul
  • Record tons of guitar tracks for 50/90
  • Laundry
  • Try to stay on top of Pond/Lake Asshole
  • Try not to let the hurricane ruin everything
  • Play some World of Warcraft with the love of my life
  • Try not to get too excited about Bellana coming home tomorrow.

More Hurricane Fun

We could be getting hit with an actual hurricane on Sunday. We got hit with the dying remains of one yesterday, and now here comes Henri. Read about it here.

So we had rain almost every day in July. August has been better, but still ridiculously rainy. Our cellar has had water in it for over a month now, and here comes an honest to goodness hurricane.

How’s about a big giant fuck you to mother nature, huh? I think she’s earned it. Asshole.

In honor of this meteorological kick in the balls, here is a song inspired by a hurricane…

…and here is another song inspired by a different hurricane…