Bed Time is Never

So the TV is cranked and my father is sleeping on the remote. My mother is asleep on the chair next to me while the TV in her bedroom is still on and cranked. They are both sound asleep and I’ve just accepted the fact that I’m not sleeping ever again. My little “bed” is made and ready for me (it’s a two seat couch that’s about two feet shorter than I am) and my CPAP machine is hooked up even though I’m never going to sleep again ever. I’ve got noise cancelling headphones on even though I swore I’d never do that because I need to be able to hear them and I’m listening to music on my iPad at full fucking blast because I CANT FUCKING TAKE THIS ANYMORE.

I can’t wait to have to work tomorrow even though I’m never going to sleep again for as long as I fucking live and I am so fucking pissed off right now that I can’t fucking fucking think fucking straight.