More Memory Fun

On top of the stress of dealing with trying to navigate my mother through her constant aches and pains, which run the spectrum between “it’s annoying” and “oh my god I can’t stand it anymore please god help me”, there are fun little nuggets like this.

Me: Are you okay mum?
Her: Why do you call me mum?
Me: Because you’re my mother.
Her: No I’m not.
Me: Yes you are.
Her: Did I give birth to you?
Me: Yes, 50 years ago.
Her: I don’t remember that. I guess it’s true because you’re named after your father. (she walks into the living room) Are there any pictures of you in here?
Me: Yes. (points to a picture on the living room wall)
Her: Oh yeah, there you are.

Isn’t that fun? Aren’t you jealous? And by jealous I mean aren’t you happy that this isn’t happening to you? And when I say this isn’t happening to you I mean it from both her and my perspectives.