Come On, Tomorrow

Come on, tomorrow. Let’s get you here now!

I’m off work tomorrow. We’re having a step daughter visit and I can’t friggin’ wait. Literally everything is getting under my skin and rubbing me the wrong way today. Everything. My parents phone has been ringing off the hook and every single ring makes me want to flush the phone down the fucking toilet. At work, I have a big thing I’m trying to finish before my day off and I can’t because every few minutes there is another big thing. I want to delegate it out to the group, like a good supervisor should, but everyone in the group is already on something huge. I’ve been at my parents house for 31 hours now and I’ve got another 4-5 hours to go but it feels like it’s never going to end.

Earlier I fantasized about digging a hole and screaming into it. Now I am fantasizing about digging a hole and burying myself in it. Argh!

Other nitpicky things:

  • The podcast app on my iPad has crashed twice since lunch started
  • I got six hours of sleep last night which was more than the night before and I’m starting to run out of gas
  • Why does the meals delivery ring the doorbell just as I am getting into a meeting
  • Why is the meals delivery delivering two meals now
  • Are we really going to have rain every day this month
    • I overheard my mother listening to the news yesterday and they said that while there has not been measurable rainfall every day in July so far, there has been recorded rain drops hitting Logan Airport every day in July. I guess that means the record books do not show a full month (so far) of rain, but technically there has been. Whatever, this blows.
  • There are four lightbulbs in the light fixture in this room. Two of them are out. We don’t have replacements.
  • I do not enjoy being within ear shot of The Game Show Network all day (though I used to work in a building that used to be The Game Show Network’s headquarters, or so I’ve heard) it is way better than Jerry Friggin’ Springer reruns.

The fucking house phone has rung twice while I typed this post.


All of the screaming.

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