Almost Done

Leaving home to come and nana sit last night was much more difficult than in the past. I just didn’t want to go and leave my wife at home alone. I feel terrible.

Fortunately my sister is on the way to mom’s house now and when she gets here I can go home. Both kids are already at the house. We can count the days where both of them will be home with us on one hand and still have some fingers left over. I am so proud of both of them, and I want the world for them, but selfishly I want a little more time with the whole family at home. I’m not ready for that empty nest shit yet.

Nana sitting has gone well this time. The usual pain, but nothing so bad it required (doctor approved) supplemental pain meds. That’s a plus. She slept a lot today and I had a hard time getting her to sit up and take her 5:00pm meds. She eventually did it though, thank you mum.

Okay, I am going to pack up the MacBook now and get ready for the shift change. See you all at home soon.

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