One week ago I gave the details on the very ugly HVAC situation in our cellar. It’s one of many ugly situations in our cellar, but for now it’s the one that’s being worked on.

They looked over the ducts in the cellar and said they needed to come back another day to actually fix things. Today is that day. They gave us an estimate and let’s just say I won’t be buying myself a guitar for my 50th birthday… and maybe not for 51-60 either. In the immortal words of Austin Powers, ouch, babie.

Jen sent me a message about an hour ago. They are there. They are working. They are loud. One them wasn’t wearing a mask. Insert very frustrated non-science denying sigh here.

This whole thing has me very nervous. Central air is one of the highlights of our house. I don’t want to de-evolve to a state where we have fans and air conditioners in the windows. I want to be snooty high society with my air conditioned house. I am also very happy that progress is being made as this has been weighing on me like you wouldn’t believe.

I just want it done and I also want it done right so that we never have to worry about it again. Specifically I want it done right so that I never have to worry about a 10 foot section of duct falling on my head again. Ouch, babie.

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