I Jinxed It

Yesterday in my sadness I posted random stuff to this page. One thing I mentioned was how my page views count on the blog had been trending way up, and how in January I had more views than I knew what to do with.

Yesterday was one of the lowest view counts in like three months. I guess I jinxed it. Well, thanks for coming everyone. I hope reading about someone awful boosted your self esteem. If that happened then my work here is done.

I also said there wouldn’t be any visible changes to the blog after upgrading to a new package. I had forgotten at that time that the new tier includes truck loads of new built in themes I could use. At some point, everything here is going to change. There will be a day soon when I’m at lunch, or everyone is busy doing other things and I’m alone and free where I am just going to tear through some of those suckers and mess this whole thing up. Count on it.

Is there anything lamer than a blog post about blogging? It’s like writing songs about writing songs…. and I’ve done that a whole bunch of times in the past and likely will do it again.

I suck.

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