Day One in the Books

We started last night by cleaning out the storage in the old bathroom. Today we cleaned out Jen’s closet, took down the shelves, put up a bunch of closet organizing things, and put all the stuff (that survived the purge) back in. Last week we moved a bunch of storage things from the bed room to a holding space in Bellana’s room. All of that stuff has found new homes too. I also hung a couple of little shelves in the office. They were meant for the bedroom, but weren’t going to make the cut so they moved to the office. We also added some new lamps in the bedroom and the office and added to our nearly maxed out collection of Hue lights. Jen was able to figure out why the light I put on the side of the house wasn’t able to connect to the Hue bridge, and now it’s tied into the lights at the front of the house. Sweet.

Tomorrow’s primary project is my closet. That should not be nearly as big a deal as Jen’s. It’s a lot smaller, though there is a metric ton of stuff shoved in there. There’s a shelf that is tearing itself out of the wall. Not good. On Monday Jen and I are both off from work and hopefully we’ll be putting together a new bed. We’re keeping the mattress for now, but its days are numbered. We’re going to see if we can hold out until Covid is over before we mattress shop though. Monday should just be a new headboard and a new frame. That stuff hasn’t been delivered yet though, so it’s all dependent on delivery services holding up their end of the bargain.

I am really tired and sore right now (hello, my name is Mr Out of Shape Man) but I’m proud of what we completed today. Good work, Jen!

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